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Freedom within reach

“It’s so good, there’s no catch! » enthuses Thomas, who sets the tone from the first image of the film. Here is the story of 6 deafblind people, whose challenge is to hike in the Tunisian Sahara desert for 9 days… But how to get around? how to communicate when you see poorly or not at all, and when you hear little or nothing? “We are capable of doing things and we don’t need to have someone on our back all the time,” says Camille, who is part of the expedition. Of course, the group does not set out alone to attempt the adventure, the 6 are accompanied, but claim their autonomy. Also, certain questions remain: how to adapt despite the disability? What about group life in a hostile and comfortless universe? In short, how can we live everyday life when we no longer have any reference points? The answer is undoubtedly “Nemchou!” ". This form of encouragement in Arabic, which translates as “Forward”, is an invitation to surpass oneself, beyond the limits imposed by disability. But what are these people, who moreover, don't even know each other or barely know each other, looking for in this adventure? Camille tells us: “I expect the film to raise awareness among people; It’s time for things to change and for everyone to see that we are normal people” Marie Odile testifies: “There are tears and anger in our day, because it’s hard to walk in the dunes, but we want to say that we too want to laugh, to live! » Florent is indignant: “The anger in our life is often seeing the look of people who take us for incapable: I no longer have a first name, I am only the gentleman with a white cane and glasses” Will they reach the end of the journey, after immersion in an unknown universe, that of the desert sand and its changing landscapes? Will they succeed in testifying to the world that there is an interior life without seeing and hearing? This is the story of “Nemchou, Freedom within reach” ACCESSIBILITY / ADAPTATION CONCEPT FOR ALL! PROJECTION For the viewer, it is a dive into an unknown world, through an unusual travel experience and surpassing oneself, for people affected by disabilities. It is also a technical adaptation in sign language, subtitled and audio described, “FOR EVERYONE” during its projection. This concept of distribution gives the film a new educational virtue, making it possible to “break the codes” in order to raise awareness. Also the director Gérald SERRAULT does not hesitate to alternate subjective shots, with passages of blurred vision and sometimes black screens, symbolizing the vision of the person testifying. Through this film, we feel that freedom becomes palpable, within reach... Nemchou!

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