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The Prefiguration Endowment Fund of the Jean Jacques Puyoo Foundation is proud to present an innovative project aimed at raising public awareness of autism spectrum disorders through a comic strip. This comic tells the true story of Mohamed, an autistic child, highlighting the challenges he faced and those he currently faces, while offering concrete solutions.

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In France, autism spectrum disorders affect around 1% of the population and have been a major national cause for a decade. Despite this recognition, optimal care remains a major challenge. Recent studies indicate that artistic approaches, such as comics, provide an effective platform to raise awareness and educate the public about the challenges faced by people with autism spectrum disorders.



To increase the impact of this project, we will embed QR codes within the banner , directing readers to online resources, information on local support initiatives and interactive tools to better understand and support people with autism. This multimedia approach aims to enhance audience engagement and offer useful resources beyond the comic strip itself.


Mohamed is an affectionate and smiling child, but he has difficulty expressing himself verbally. His uncommunicated needs sometimes lead him to uncontrollable crises, which has an impact on his family and social environment. The comic tells Mohamed's true story, highlighting the challenges his family faces.

When Mohamed was at daycare, it was the educational staff who noticed different behaviors in him. They expressed their concerns to his family, but unfortunately the initial medical professionals downplayed these concerns. The pediatrician and attending physician reassured the family that “it’s nothing.”

However, once Mohamed was in school, his differences became more evident. The family had to fight to obtain an official diagnosis and recognition of Mohamed's needs by the Departmental House for Disabled People (MDPH) in order to benefit from a School Life Assistant (AVS) to accompany him to school. This process has been long and laborious, and has highlighted the obstacles faced by many families in similar situations.

This story highlights the challenges Mohamed and his family face in their journey to obtaining appropriate support. By integrating these elements, the comic will offer an authentic perspective on the realities of families affected by autism, while raising public awareness of the difficulties encountered in accessing appropriate services.

This story highlights 3 crucial issues in the care of children with autism spectrum disorders: the lack of training of doctors, the lack of specialists, and the difficulties of care before diagnosis. The comic will serve as a practical guide to recognizing the clinical signs of these disorders and will offer a questionnaire allowing a pre-diagnosis to be carried out.

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The comic strip entitled "My world, your colors: A life with autism" will be widely distributed in the waiting rooms of pediatric units and/or practices, as well as in schools and online, with a campaign of awareness on social networks. Our goal is for the comic to be available from April 2025 , in conjunction with World Autism Awareness Day (April 2).

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