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The InclusiVie academy offers innovative teaching for people with autism spectrum disorders through artistic, sporting, culinary and general culture workshops, as well as by offering certified training optimizing their chance of professional integration . From the age of three, this academy aims to be intergenerational and meet the needs of caregivers by giving them time for themselves while caring for their loved one. Also, even before the child's diagnosis can sometimes take a very long time to obtain, parents can enroll their child in this academy to avoid loss of development linked to poorly or unsuitable teaching methods.

main levée

Art Access' is a project that offers accessibility to culture as a means of combating the isolation of deafblind, blind and deaf people. Indeed, what bond unites men if not culture and what about those who do not have access to it due to lack of means at their disposal?


Freedom within reach

Nemchou is a documentary film which tells the story of 6 deafblind people, whose challenge is to hike in the Tunisian Sahara desert for 9 days…

But how to get around? How do you communicate when you see poorly or not at all, and hear little or nothing?

Of course, the group does not set out alone to attempt the adventure, the 6 are accompanied, but claim their autonomy.

Also, certain questions remain: how to adapt despite the disability? And group life in a hostile and comfortless universe? In short, how can we live everyday life when we no longer have any reference points?

The answer is undoubtedly “Nemchou!”. This form of encouragement in Arabic, which translates as “Forward”, is an invitation to surpass oneself, beyond the limits imposed by disability.

A training of
for deafblind people

There are many requests today to mobilize people with disabilities so that they can provide testimony about their daily experiences.
These requests come from associations, communities and especially training centers which prepare future professionals for support professions.

But the fact of bearing witness, of providing assistance to a trainer does not go without saying; talking about one's experience, opening oneself up by talking about one's experience is not a trivial exercise; answering questions is a process that requires a lecturer, an informed trainer.

The Phare d'ouest association, ambassador of the endowment fund, has always highlighted the need to hear the words of the people concerned; still it is appropriate that this word can be exercised.

Let us add to this that the participation of people with disabilities to provide testimony is most of the time a phase considered by applicants as a voluntary and free exercise, whereas the constructed testimony is a real contribution, particularly in training sequences.

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