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Marie Ridoux, 36 years old, has lived between the Paris region and Brittany for more than 16 years. She was Jean-Jacques Puyoo's personal assistant for 10 years. It was with him, his wife and his sister that she first set up the ARESATO association then the endowment fund to prefigure the Jean-Jacques Puyoo foundation.

"He wanted to make history, for his name to survive, for his entrepreneurial know-how and his values to be passed on and to do so he wanted to serve research in the field of health, the cause of patients, their caregivers and nursing staff He was an exceptional character and I am proud that he entrusted me with carrying this project through to the end.

During our numerous discussions during the period of health crisis, I spoke to him about the deficiencies presented by psychiatric hospitals in particular. Indeed, my father, a psychogeriatrician, was saddened by the isolation suffered by the elderly people in his department. This is how the idea of Keep the link was born. Even though he hated computers, Mr. Puyoo agreed that it was an essential tool and even more so to prevent loneliness.

This was the first project of a long list that we considered taking on. Unfortunately, he won't be there to see the others come to fruition, but I'm going to do it with all my might in his memory."

Biologist, documentarian and painter, Marie has also been very involved in the associative sector for almost 20 years.


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