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A response to lengths before diagnosis

We have seen this with the “My world, Your colors” project, one of the key issues of this great national cause represented by autism spectrum disorders, is the early diagnosis of disability. However, without a diagnosis, no support is possible, no support from the state and very often exclusion from the school system requires at least one of the parents to give up their job. During this period, the child does not benefit from the educational support necessary for his development...

Once the parents have pre-diagnosed autism due to its unique clinical signs, care for the child will be offered by the academy, freeing up the time necessary for the parents to continue working.

Old-fashioned clock

An intergenerational project

Imagine, soft light radiates from airy and bright spaces, cozy armchairs invite you to relax in the common areas. In the rooms, designer wallpaper and “home” lighting dust off the usual image that we have of day centers that welcome people with disabilities. The students, accompanied by their specialist educator, go from workshop to workshop according to their mood and desire: sport, theater, painting, modeling, pottery, certification courses, everything is possible. Their neighbor in the workshop is 3 or 77 years old and everyone exercises their share of creativity, reflection or reflections in their own world while sometimes exchanging a few words with the world next door.

Open on Saturdays and during school holidays: a time for caregivers

On weekends, Wednesdays, during the holidays or to have a few hours available occasionally and regularly: respite needs vary from one family to another. Natural commitment, isolation and guilt characterize the life trajectories of these helping parents, which they all describe as "an obstacle course", deploring the lack of information on the disorders and the continuation of the treatment. burden after diagnosis, lack of awareness of existing rights and systems, the complexity of administrative procedures, lack of respite mechanisms, etc. The immense parental fragility caused by the birth of a child with autism must be considered in all its dimensions due to the significant risk of mental and physical exhaustion threatening these caregivers who are particularly involved in supporting their loved one. .

It is important that they can cut and breathe.

Climbing the steps towards employment

So that the students of our academy can integrate the world of work in the best conditions, prerequisites prove useful such as acceptance of the disability, motivation, personal and travel autonomy, certain skills (the ability to make choices, take initiatives and ask for help, flexibility, planning), the relational and emotional sphere (social interactions, conversational skills, self-esteem and assertiveness, management of emotions). We will work on these aspects with them using tools such as psychoeducation, but also of course thanks to our collective or individual workshops to develop socio-professional skills and role-playing.

The employment coach develops and validates their professional project with the person, then supports them in their search for employment and/or training.

A first experience in Drôme Provençale

The first "Pilote" academy will see the light of day in Drôme Provençale, because it is in Montélimar that this project was designed by a collective of caregivers and specialized educators and in particular with the assistance of Jessie Bouchon, ambassador of our fund. endowment in the field of autism.

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